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What happened to Kristan’s Desk?

Some of you may have noticed (or not) that there was a rather large change to both branding and the name of the site. Yes, I was once known as Kristan Cannon both as an author and freelance writer but I’ve changed my name, legally, to Meredith Cannon.

Long story short, I have been trying to change or thinking about changing my name since my early teens. I even talked myself out of it a few times because it wasn’t very easy to do and I hadn’t found a name that felt right to replace it.

Until I finally changed it.

I came across the name Meredith by chance and started using it online. Eventually there was this meet up and people tripped over my former real name. Hearing in that setting started to drive home that this was my name. I started using it whenever I could. It felt right.

So, after considering it because once you’re online and have a business changing your name to something else can be somewhat problematic.

However, as you can all see, that change has finally been made. The old domain will still remain active until I finally nail down all of the old emails and update to a different email and update any contacts and then, finally, I will only be Meredith Cannon.

So, yes, I’m still here. Kristan’s Desk has been renamed the Bookish Study and there are a few other spots experiencing a rebranding as their business models change.

2023 looks to be an exciting year of updating and change.


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